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Motion graphics

We specialize in bringing belairdirect’s digital narratives to life through captivating motion graphics and dynamic social media content. Our expertise lies in animating intricate features of belairdirect’s app and crafting engaging promotional videos tailored to their audience. We are committed to producing visually striking and informative content, enhancing user engagement, and elevating belairdirect’s brand presence, effectively transforming their unique concepts into compelling visual stories.


Motion graphics

We elevate Intact’s brand presence with expertly crafted social media content, animated GIFs, and corporate presentations. Tailoring our approach to suit their insurance audience, we focus on creating visually engaging and informative media. Our work includes animating key concepts and designing resonant presentations, aiding Intact in communicating effectively across various platforms. Our aim is to clearly and creatively enhance Intact’s corporate messaging, ensuring each content piece reflects their insurance excellence.

National Bank Insurance

Motion graphics

We crafted animations for National Bank Insurance’s social media platforms, focusing on app promotion and acquisition for car and home insurance. Our animations, tailored for each platform, effectively highlight their services, driving engagement and showcasing their solutions in home and auto insurance sectors.


Motion & static graphics

For Crossfit’s Canadian competition, our visual storytelling spanned three distinct phases. In the pre-event phase, we created buzz with captivating videos on their website and social media. For the Open WOD Announcement, we enhanced the live experience graphic overlays, including lower-thirds and scoreboards. During the event, our motion graphics came to the forefront, showcasing each workout in detail through engaging videos, thereby providing a comprehensive and dynamic visual narrative from start to finish.


At the intersection of creativity and technology, we offer a suite of services designed to elevate your brand’s visual and audio communication. From dynamic motion graphics to strategic AI-powered solutions, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life.
Our services include:

  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Infographic Design
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Event & Corporate Presentation Design
  • AI Expertise
  • Social Media Visuals
  • Ad Banner Design
  • Sound Design and Audio Editing

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